Save the whales! What was this dimly remembered children's book?
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Some time around 1984, I read a YA novel in which the main character either switched consciousness with or took over the consciousness of a whale. Anyone?

I remember very few concrete details - the plot was something about how there was an environmental threat to the whales and dolphins near this particular city, and the girl....did something through swapping consciousnesses? The whales had people-like individual personalities. I remember it as a rather melancholy book, but then I was a melancholy kid so for all I know it could have been a comedy.

I dimly remember that the cover of the library copy was a dark cool color, like a deep blue.
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Just dolphins, but could it be A Ring of Endless Light?
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Is it A Ring of Endless Light? It's dolphins/telepathy, but definitely has the melancholy. And the blue cover.
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I bet it's Deep Wizardry from Diane Duane's Young Wizards series.
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Sadly it's not either of these - I read A Ring of Endless Light and recall it pretty well, and I remember that the mystery book had human politics, not the Young Wizards books' entropy. There wasn't any magic per se, just the consciousness switching.
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Hmm, A Circle in the Sea? "Through the powers of a ring, a 13-year-old girl with problems adjusting to her new school enters an undersea world where she becomes a dolphin and aids the whales in retaliating against slaughter by whalers."

or something else from the Cetacean Fiction Bibliography of alt.animals.dolphins et al?
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It was A Circle In The Sea!!!!! I am going to get it on inter-library loan, since there are approximately zero used copies floating around the internet. I even vaguely remember the typeface! I guess there was some magic, eg the ring.

Woo-hooo, this question has tormented me for years!
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