App to improve spoken French comprehension?
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I'd like to find an app that primarily practices recognizing conversational French, preferably with a travel focus.

Duolingo is pretty text-focused, only about 10% of the exercises are for recognition. I'd like an app (so I can use it on the go) that will drill me on recognizing numbers, basic phrases, etc. Desktop website/software would be acceptable if there's no good app. Bonus points if it uses voice recognition to evaluate my responses.
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The paid version of lingvist does this. It has the 5000 most used words in French and you can say the word for it to be recognized. It works rather well but trips up on homonyms.
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A lot public libraries have subscriptions to Mango Languages, which library users can use for free. Otherwise, they are $20/month. Their French units have many travel-related segments--asking for directions, shopping & payment, hotels, etc. The focus is on spoken & conversational language.
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