Where can one clear a CA teaching credential without working full-time?
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My mom is looking for a teaching credential induction program that is sponsored by a college or university. This will enable her to clear her credential without working full-time as a teacher or clearing it through a school district.

There is a list from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing of around 150 programs that do this, but they either are connected to school districts or are themselves school district's programs. She has been informed by the CTC that there are four programs on that list that are not connected to a school district, but there's no indication which they are.

So, what are those four programs that let you clear a credential without working full-time?
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In order to clear your credential you must be working full time as a teacher. The point of clearing your credential is to use things you are currently doing in a classroom to learn and improve yourself as a teacher. For example, when I went through my induction program to clear my credential in California, i had to choose students in my class to focus lesson planning on and discuss why those lessons would positively impact their learning. This was designed to prepare teachers to work with the specific populations in the district I was working in (specifically students of color and students with IEPs).

There is one program that I know of that can help you clear your credential that is not connected to a school district, but you must be working full-time to utilize it. This is the center or teacher innovation. It's online, so it's available to anyone in the state of california.
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I sent you a MeMail with the name/phone number of a coworker who can almost certainly answer this question.
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Thank you, mudpuppie!

My mom has been teaching for years now, but not full-time in the right situation to meet the criteria to clear her credential. She has gotten her multiple subject credential, single subject authorization and her master's in elementary education in that time. It has just been difficult to find a position in a local school district that would finally clear the credential.

So, she's really interested in finding out what these programs are. Ruroh, she's been told by someone at the CTC that they exist, but they won't identify which four they are from the master list.
(FWIW, this whole process seems needlessly arcane and bureaucratic to me, and I only half understand what she's trying to do.)
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