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The holly outside our front door is dropping many of its leaves. Any ideas of what's wrong, and what we can do to save it?

Over the past week or so many of the leaves on the holly plant outside our door have turned lighter green and dropped off. The darker green leaves still appear healthy, and are firmly attached to the plant. I thought that perhaps the branches were dying and so tried clipping some of them back, but the wood is green and appears healthy. Is it possible to save this plant?

It's in a fairly sheltered area, gets some direct early-morning sun. We are in the mid-Atlantic region, and have gotten a fair amount of rain over the past week.
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Don't know but my hollies are doing a similar thing. NJ here.
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Ok, that's a little freaky, because my immediate reaction on seeing this question was "hey, weird, ours too." We have a half-dozen holly plants in MA; all of them have a few healthy-looking branches near the ground and the rest is just dead leaves on green wood.

My best guess is that it's leaf scorch -- we've certainly had enough temperature variation to make that plausible -- but I'm an inexpert gardener so "best" is a low bar...
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This happens to my holly tree every few years and I think is perfectly normal. The tree has been in my family's yard for over 40 years and has always seemed to be just fine once the drop has occurred.
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Yah, nth-ing that it's typical for hollies this time of year (zone 7a or 7b)
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