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I am trying to figure out why a webserver would only hang up on (apparently) people using iMacs who have visited the site before. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Here's the screenshot of the error in Safari but it happens in Chrome and Firefox to these people too. Meanwhile, people on the same network who are first time visitors, or who are on MacBookPros or phones, are not having the issue.

All of these computers are on Sierra or High Sierra. It's not happening on just one version of Safari.

The server is definitely misconfigured. It's LAMP running Apache 2, PHP 5.1(!) and PHP 5.3. A link to phpinfo is available via PM. Most people access it without issues, even under moderate load.

In my screenshot someone's accessing wp-admin, but a POST or GET request doesn't matter. The front-end will do the same even if it's full-page cached.

People with access to the server, and to the computers displaying the issue, have tried to help, but obviously not solved it. If anyone has experienced this, or knows of a good way to isolate the issue, I am all ears. Happy to send the link via PM if you want to take a closer look, too.
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Have you checked the computers' DNS settings?
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If you open a developer screen on Chrome or Firefox (press F12) and watch the network tab, can you see what is actually timing out or misfiring?
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can you ask them to clear their cookies? I would suspect a session problem, although I don't know why that would affect only iMac users
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Can you try changing the user-agent on the Macs to not show that they are a Mac, or change it on non-Mac systems to pretend to be a Mac? There might be some middleware that is misinterpreting the strings.
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Does it happen with both http and https connections?

Try having them remove site data from safari:
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Check the logs. There should hopefully be some clues as to what's going on in them.

What is probably happening is that your website is setting a cookie that when it's read is causing a continuous loop until the server maximum execution time is exceeded. Here's someone with a similar issue caused by a WordPress theme.
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Can the mac users open it using another browser, like chrome? Can the site be loaded on an iphone using its default safari?

Definitely clear cookies as well.
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Could be related to Linux network kernel tunings or a firewall issue.
Try temporarily disabling firewalls (iptables/ufw/etc.) and remove any settings for /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot.
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