Sewing Manuals and Sewing Resources in Hebrew
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Would anyone know of sewing resources for clothing primarily and design secondarily in Hebrew?

I have a student who is a competent ESL speaker whose native language is Hebrew. They are having trouble putting things together in my classes.

I am looking for sewing manuals in modern Hebrew for the home sewer that focus on terms and techniques.

I would also be interested in English-Hebrew vocabulary lists of sewing terms so that I can incorporate them into what we are doing.

Any help here would be appreciated - I've got feelers out to friends in Tel Aviv and some here in the States, but I am having a hard time with this - everything seems to be related to sewing specific items and judaica rather than the broader range of sewing. I am looking for more of a translation of a general sewing manual or series of blogs that deal with translating vocabulary.

Because I am familiar with the alphabet but nothing beyond that, I really really don't want to try to put something together myself from Google translate in some copy/paste monstrosity. E.g. while the word "תֶפֶר" may mean "seam", I don't know of its conjugations or specifics.

Any help or direction would be appreciated!
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Hopefully you'll get something from your friends in Tel Aviv but if not, I once bought books or music from this shop and if nothing else they might be able to help you search and/or order something for you. If you want further help, let me know and I can try to ask around for you though I don't know how much luck I'd have either.

(I remember an earlier post from you asking for materials in Korean, and a recent offer to make a pattern for someone who asked for suggestions for a particular look. You're a kind soul.)
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