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I once saw a video of someone who found some talking a toy doll at a garage sale or something, and hacked it to say "skin" in an extremely creepy and hilarious way. I am fairly certain it was on twitter, but I have been completely unable to find it. Twitter's search is not the best, it turns out. Please help me creep out my friends with this video!
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That’s it! It is ... actually less creepy than I remembered. But still plenty good! Thanks!
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That's a Sing-a-ma-ling! There is something about those toys that seems incredibly creepy at first meeting, and then they grow on you. Some friends have reported feeling the same way. I have one that says "Hello!" in a very goofy voice. I bought it at a thrift store because it was so off-putting, and now he absolutely cheers me up when I need it.
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