Ride from Rome to fiumicino EARLY on a wednesday morning.
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We check out of an AirBnb next wednesday in Rome, near the Colusseum. Because of an airline-induced flight change instead of being at the airport at 9am, we have to be at there at 6am.

We HAD a car service lined up with through host, but the service says they will not pick up before 8am, let alone at 5am.

Fiumicino airport does not allow people to stay overnight in the terminal.

Is there service we can book and pay for online to pick us up around 5am for the trip (2 people, 2 checked-size bags, 2 carryons, 2 backpacks).

The host is away, and can not help us. Taxi is not an option for reasons.
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Take the train? They run that early and there's an express train from Roma Termini to Fuimicino that takes about 30 minutes. Luggage racks and cushiony seats. Trenitalia.
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Consider the bus. It leaves from next to the train station (via Marsala) and takes you straight to the airport. It'll save you a lot of money, and traffic will be nonexistent at that hour.

If you want to make sure you're there before the trains start, it's a great option. Just make sure you select Fiumicino as opposed to the other airport. I almost made that mistake.
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Since you got moved by more than two hours, many (all?) US airlines will give you a different flight for free. The key phrase is "There was an involuntary schedule change and I'd like to be reaccommodated, please." Then give them the flight(s) you'd like to be on, even if they're to/from a different airport. In theory they don't have to give you exactly what you ask for, but in practice they do. The airline has to refund that flight if you ask for it so they would much rather give you what would have been a more expensive flight and keep the revenue they already have from you. It is literally one of the only times you have leverage over an airline, so go for it!
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Once in a similar situation I made a deal with a regular cab-driver I met on the street. I made the appointment in good time, so I could fix another solution if he didn't turn up, but he did and all was fine. I know you wrote no taxi, but they are cheaper than any car services and very dependable.
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Bus is probably a better option if you have to get there by 6 am.

535 am Leonardo seems quite tight. You wont reach Flumicino earlier than 605 am and the terminal will be several minutes away. But if you have some buffer in your timings, it is a very dependable and convenient option for travelling back to the airport.

Note - either way, you'll need to bus, or taxi to termini from the Colosseum.
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I used this service for a 4:30am pickup, also near the Colosseum. I booked about two days ahead of time.
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When (for whatever reason) Uber won't do, in a foreign city an American can always rely on Blacklane. Good English language customer service, takes US and UK credit cards, quite reliable.
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