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What are you using these days to find stuff to do in Chicago? I'm looking for listings for anything and everything: live music, plays, dance performances, art shows, museum exhibits, movies, etc. Comprehensive listings are great but so are niche ones that focus on a specific genre or subgenre.

I feel like I am not finding out about things until after they are over and I want to do more than read reviews of things that have already happened!
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If you happen to like experimental music, the Now-Is list is pretty great.
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I think the answer for any city with population > 10 is Facebook Events.
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Cine-file: A great website listing classic, independent, revival, and experimental cinema.
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Might be too obvious, but the Reader?
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Choose Chicago's Events and Shows calendar
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I am on event mailing lists for the American Writer's Museum, the Newberry Library, the Chicago History Museum, the International Museum of Surgical Science and all the other small museums which have interesting events. Also, Binny's mailing list--they have really great tasting and learn about this booze events which are usually cheap. Sadly, I find mailing lists and Facebook events are the best sources now.
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StoreBrandSoda.com for music, though the top post on there right now is about how it's not as active as it used to be.
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Periodically check this -- he releases a Chicago Summer Calendar which has pretty much everything on it. Its Facebook page.

Facebook Local is a useful smartphone app.

SongKick is great for learning when artists you like come to town for concerts.
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Intelligent Event is pretty good for more esoteric stuff.
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The newsletter comment reminded me: subscribe to Quimby's newsletter. They do lots of in-store events and, other than going in every week to look at the signs, that's the best way to learn about them.

Exact same recommendation for Bric-a-Brac Records.
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