Looking for BBC Israel and Syria interview
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Thing I partially heard on BBC Newshour (WHYY) this morning that I'd like to hear again and recommend: A woman interviewing spokesmen individually from Israel and Syria and pushing them both pretty hard about what their governments were doing and whether it made sense. Now that I think about it, she was much better than their average political interviewer, and I'd like to find more of her work. Anyone else hear it? Able to find the link?

I don't always have an easy time finding BBC clips, but usually knowing the name of the show is enough.

I don't know whether there's official askmefi policy on the matter, but this probably isn't a good place for arguing about Israel, Syria, etc.
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Best answer: Got it.

First 13 minutes. The interviewer was Razia Iqbal. One of the people interviewed was Israeli, the other was Iranian, not Syrian.

If we believe these people, everything is someone else's fault.
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