Name that '70s synth tune
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Synth instrumental, ca. 1975, used as broadcast news theme music as late as '80s. Haven't heard it since. No matches on the music search sites. I lost my original off-air recording; below is a wav file of a midi reproduction. URL is obviously temporary for this ask.
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You could try playing clips at the News Music Search Archive until you spot the one you're looking for. The site lets you drill down by year, region/state, station, etc.
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I recheck the Archive every couple years. Lots of Tap Root Manuscript from thar era but not this.
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Can't load your file. Could you upload it to an actual website?
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MIME type might be wrong, I was able to wget it down to my mac. I don't recognize it though.
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This sounded really oddly familiar to me and I couldn't put my finger on it. Like I'd actually heard it sometime in the last year.

I finally remembered -- it shows up on rapper/producer El-P's "Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamix!!!" mixtape as "Cheez-P". Obviously he's not the composer, and apparently other tracks on the mixtape aren't original either, so it's either a cover he made or the original recording.

There isn't a public copy of it on Youtube or anything, so here's a copy on my Dropbox. Shazam doesn't seem to know what it is, but that was using laptop speakers so it might be worth a shot still.

El-P is a Brooklyn native so maybe that's a clue? Or he's active on Twitter as @therealelp so you could just ask him.
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That's it, thanks, multi-decade itch scratched! Nice to hear the full track. Between this and the world's coolest gameshow theme Chump Change by Quincy Jones, my life is complete.
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My file was served via Python SimpleHTTPServer module -quick and dirty and my cover of the song is truly cheezy by comparison..
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El-P's dad is pianist Harry Keyes. Song could have been his. Threadsit end.
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