Lathe experts: can you identify this lathe brand?
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I recently bought a second-hand lathe from an estate auction. It's in good condition, but didn't come with a manual, and the lathe itself doesn't seem to carry the brand name.

Google searches have yielded results with similar-looking lathes but nothing definitive. Brands that appear to match it closest include Dynalink and Toolline, but it seems Toolline is now defunct.

The lathe came with a Jacobs type drill attached to the head stock. I've been trying to figure out how exactly to remove this, as I want to replace it with a jaw-style chuck. But I'm stumped. There doesn't seem to be a key-hole (the drill chuck is the key-style) behind the chuck for loosening it. I opened the cubby where the motor is and there is a metal tube that runs from the front, where the face plate is, to the back, seemingly into the top pulley driving the lathe. I though maybe the chuck itself had an Allen/hex bolt holding it from the inside, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

My knowledge of lathes is still rudimentary, but it seems like overkill to have to disengage one of the pulleys to be able to change a chuck. Help?

Short version: I need to figure out the lathe brand to find instructions for removing the Jacobs drill chuck from the head stock.

Uploaded images here:
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I can't help you with the brand but that looks suspiciously like a chuck mounted in a collet. Normally in that setup the large wheel/face plate controls the "draw" of the collet (loosening or tightening the grip on the chuck shaft) and should be able to be turned by hand if you can hold the drive shaft still. Sometimes there's a special tool for that but it looks suspiciously like the part closest to the green box has flats on it (maybe it's even hex-shaped) so you can hold it with a wrench.

Of course this could be a total misread but that'd at least be the first thing I tried.
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My guess is that it's a Central Machinery T31082 lathe. That's just based on a Google image search that threw up a couple of similar-looking machines: this one and this one.
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I think pipeski has it.

It's screwy that there is a chuck AND a faceplate on the lathe.

The faceplate screws on, grab the flats on the spindle (near the headstock, next to last photo) with a VERY well fitting wrench, and try to unscrew the faceplate.

How the chuck is held on there is anybody's guess, probably screws on as well. If you can protect the chuck surfaces with a piece of leather or similar, or use a strap wrench, it will probably unscrew. It needs to come off first I think. Other method is to use the wrench to immobilize the spindle (HF calls it "Main Shaft) stick a chuck key or a well fitting allen wrench in one of the chuck key holes and smack it with a hammer in the "loosen" direction.

Or they might come off together. Good luck.
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Jacobs chuck with taper shank, use a rod or dowel to go through the spindle to tap it loose ,
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range - you were on the mark about the flats. I was able to remove the chuck and face plate that way. Next stop is figuring out the best way to remove the drill chuck from the face plate. I've uploaded more pics.
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That's a really freaky way to mount a chuck. This looks like a lathe designed by someone who's never used a lathe before. Anyhow, there's almost got to be a post protruding from the back of the chuck, and that post will either be threaded, or smooth and tapered. For the former, use a strap wrench (or a pipe wrench if you don't care about the chuck). For the latter, put a punch or dowel through from the back and tap.
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Success! Put the faceplate in a vice and turned the chuck out using a pipe wrench. Thank you everyone for your helpful advice.
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