Products available in Canada for fine, curly hair
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What's an alternative to Deva Curl products for my nightmare hair?

I usually use Deva Curl 'No-Poo', 'One Condition' and 'Ultra Defining Gel' for my very fine, temperamental curly/wavy/dry hair and it's made it consistently manageable for the first time ever! However, the price tag is a bit much right now. Can anyone recommend an alternative product for <=$20 per item? I am in Canada.

Thanks, friends :)
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My hair's not fine, but I also had success with Deva Curl and found Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls products (available at Shopper's Drug Mart) equally good.
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I have similar hair and started using Coconut Curls by OGX, which has been great for me. Some googling indicates it’s sold in Canadian drugstores.
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