Which day trip from Zagreb should I pick?
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Should I go to Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Krapina Neanderthal Museum and “Grgos Cave”, or the Varaždin and Trakošćan Castles?

Option A: Plitvice Lakes National Park
Option B: The Krapina Neanderthal Museum and “Grgos Cave”
Option C: Varaždin and Trakošćan Castles

I'll be in Zagreb for a multi - day event and have been given a choice of three day trips.

Possibly salient information:
- I've never been to Eastern Europe before.
- The rest of my time will be spent in Zagreb.
- I love history and museums and beautiful landscapes, so they all sound worthwhile.
- It will be late July.
- All of these will be group tours.
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Plitivice lakes are amazing
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Plitvice Lakes are incredible. An unmissable experience. (It'll be hot though! Take sunscreen and water!)
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Another vote for Plitvice due to its uniqueness.
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Yes, go to Plitvice.
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Best answer: All 3 will be hot and crowded. Plitvice the most, Varaždin the least. Varaždin is a lovely little town in Mitteleuropa style, but it's small and not that unique. If you're used to big-city museum experiences, Krapina might leave you underwhelmed. Plitvice is definitely glorious and I'd vote for visiting it before its ecosystem crumbles (due to lots of tourists and bad local infrastructure), but be prepared for a very crowded experience. So, if you want to escape the crowds, go for Varaždin or Krapina - the first is a more urban experience, the second is more nature-oriented.
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Plitvice. There's really no debate.
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Another vote for the lakes. They’re spectacular.
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Best answer: You can experience loads of East-Mittel European culture in Zagreb, plus as capital of Croatia, you get Dalmatian and Istrian restaurants (think Italian seafood of the 18th century.) Plitvice would be the obvious choice after that - bring a camera. A good camera. (Unfortunately: no fishing allowed...)
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Plitvice is going to be INSANELY crowded, like Disneyland-long lines, just to buy tickets to get in. So I would only go if you can get there as early as possible.
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