Can I install a keypad deadbolt lock system upside down?
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I have an antique - not in good condition, but antique nonetheless - front door that I need to change the locks on. I rent and therefore am trying to do the least damage/change. I bought a newfangled keypad lock (this one) but the only way it will fit with the existing (antique) handle, is upside down. Is there any reason NOT to do this, do you think? Assume we can read #s upside down. Thank you.
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Kwikset customer service is really phenomenal, you should just call them! I installed a similar lock (the 914) and had an issue where the keys weren't working, and I called them and they walked me through dismantling the lock to remove the cylinder and swap it for another one I had on hand. If they can do that, they can surely answer your question.
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I installed a Kwikset bluetooth deadbolt on an older door where it wouldn't fit right way up. Been working perfectly well upside down for years.
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The only downside is people assuming you put it on upside down out of stupidity, and telling you that you did it wrong.
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