Where can my girlfriend and I pet a baby pig in the NY area?
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I would like to give my girlfriend the opportunity to hold, or at least pet, a baby pig.

If we can’t pet a pig, then other small animals would be nice, such as baby goats.

We’re in NYC and have Zipcar access, so we can drive within limits. I’m not sure we’d want to drive more than an hour outside of the city for this experience.

We’re both adults, so I’m not sure if that excludes us from “animal encounter” events clearly designed with kids in mind.
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The Stamford Museum has animals and the last time I was there there were pigs . I don't see pigs on the website but give them a call and ask. No matter if pigs are in residence, it's a nice place to spend an afternoon.
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Bronx Zoo children's zoo petting area? Adults are allowed. I do not remember pigs but there were goats and other farm animals. Also Turtleback Zoo in West Orange NJ. Fosterfield Farm in Morristown NJ has pigs but I don't think you can pet them.
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The Queens County Farm Museum has animals.
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The Central Park Zoo has a children's area.
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In my experience with pigs they don't like to be touched and will squeal scream. That's probably why you never see them at petting zoos. Presumably the little pot bellied pigs that were trendy pets for a while in the 90s are different but farm pigs are screamers. Go for the baby goats instead.
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I don't remember any pig petting possibilities at the Stamford Museum (and Nature Center). They do have pigs, usually a couple of adults wallowing in muck. It seems to me that they are now (or were) hosting some pigs of an heirloom or endangered flavor. I found a old news item about the birth of piglets mentioning Guinea Hogs.

The website of the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport promises Guinea Hogs. I'd call to be sure before going that distance.
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Thanks everyone! I’ll call around and see what our options are. I appreciate the leads.
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May I just what a good boyfriend you are? I'm sure you are a lovely couple!
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TIL, there is a place to swim with pigs in the Bahamas.
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