What gets pine sap off a car's windshield?
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What gets pine sap off a car's windshield? I've tried lots of things that don't work, so what does? Looking for things you've personally had success with in the past.
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Have you tried turpentine or mineral spirits?
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Let it dry or freeze it and pop it off with a razor scraper.
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It's mostly smears, a scraper isn't going to do a good enough job.
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Nothing I did had any real impact - and I'd scoured the internet for solutions.

Took it to a proper car wash place, came back an hour later and they'd totally fixed it. No idea what they used, but wish i hadn't wasted so much time myself.
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Hand sanitizer. No joke.

Takes a bit of effort, but it works.
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Hey so I'm trying the razor scraper right now because I figured I could at least get some of the worst chunks off and it is working, as we say around here, pissah. Even on the smears. Some of the sap isn't dried so I'll wait on that but this is amazing.
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I've had great success with Goo-Gone.
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Try 91% isopropyl alcohol on whatever's left after you get done scraping.
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Pine resin is soluble in alcohol.
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You can also get bug & tar remover at auto parts stores which would probably work.
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I got some kind of tree ooze on my car. Not sure if it was a pine or not. It seemed impervious to most any treatment and sat there until it unaccountably disappeared about 2 years later.
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We used to use Crisco to clean pitch, aka pine sap, off our hands after harvesting pine nuts. I think. Maybe we put the Crisco on our hands first. No, pretty sure it was after.
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Windex (or whatever generic glass cleaner you use) works wonders for me. It just melts it pretty much. If the sap is old and dried-on really well, just let it soak a bit. You may have to apply it a few times. I park right under pine trees and Windex does the job for me.
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I had good luck getting tree sap off my car using this product Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover
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Jolie Kerr actually consulted a car expert for an article, who recommended that Turtle Wax, and if that doesn't work, hand sanitizer (which is basically rubbing alcohol, but a better texture for the car).
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Actually, I just remembered, I used hand sanitizer, not windex.
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I work with conifers and have extensive experience removing large amounts of sap from my body and equipment. My favorite solvent is oil - Olive, canola, grapeseed, whatever! Then pretty much any kind of soap and water solution will take the oil off.
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