I need a good RateMe / Hot or Not script
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Anyone know a good, easy RateMe/ Hot or Not script? Ideally I'd like a free script but I'm willing to pay for a well done script. PHP or ASP.
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Best answer: I actually just made a site like this....

Check out am i geek or not. I used it to build a lascivious website for a friend. It's a bit broken in parts, so if you want some slightly better code or some pointers in how it works, just let me know, email is in the profile.
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Response by poster: cool, thanks a lot. I'll check it out and email you if I need some help.
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Or if you want, I could post all the stuff up here for everyone else and posterity, however you want...
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Response by poster: sure: might as well help everyone looking to make a site like this. thanks, again.
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You can use Ning to build a custom hot-or-not site (or several other types of "social software" sites) without any writing any code. The site will be hosted by Ning, though; it won't be a script that you can run on your own server.
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Freen: I'm kind of interested in your changes. If your changes have made it better, feel free to share. :-D
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