Bing / Chrome / China firewall, please stop doing this thing!!!!!1
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Bing on Chrome / Windows, homepage is behaving oddly now, help?

OK so I am in China.

So I use Bing. A new tab on Chrome opens up

About a month ago this was super useful, as it came with three recent / most visited site button below the search bar.

Now it is doing something super irritating. It loads that style, but just empty boxes, then once it has loaded the background image it fucking starts loading the page AGAIN, without the 6 common site boxes below.

AAAARGH! So if I start typing a search it gets zeroed out when the page reloads itself. Plus not having those buttons is a pain.

What could be causing this suck behavior? Any way to set it to not do this irritating thing?
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Are you running Windows 10? Did you update it in April? There's been Chrome-related weirdness around it.

Otherwise, have you tried emptying your Chrome cache, closing the browser entirely (all windows), opening a new browser instance, and visiting the page fresh?
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(note that emptying the cache may lose your most recent/visited sites :( so you'll want to note them somewhere if you need. But they'll be repopulated after a few days' browsing.)
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Response by poster: I do run Win10, and (I think) that update got forced onto me, the timeline seems right... but the behaviour they are describing is quite different.

I just tested with Edge, and it loads directly to the "no 6 recent sites" version... huh.
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