Should I eat these?
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Accidentally put some grapes through the wash. I had one bunch in my bag and forgot about them after dumping my bag in the washing basket intending to take the grapes out later, so they went for a spin after I emptied the basket into the machine. They've mostly all split and come off the stem, but stayed in the bag apart from a few strays. I guess I'm mostly wondering how much chemicals and whatnot they might've absorbed after splitting and marinating in washing powder stew for an hour. They smell slightly like washing powder even after a quick wash (in the sink) and sitting in a bowl of tap water for a while.

About me: in my twenties, healthy immune system, kinda broke, don't have high standards for what goes down the gullet but if it's more chemicals than nutrition I guess I'll skip it.
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If you really want to eat these, I would look at the ingredients in your washing powder, Google the toxicity of each, and then decide. I'm guessing it's probably not a great idea and I'm sure they will taste terrible even if they won't kill you.
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Perhaps the Wikipedia article consumption of Tide Pods would provide good leads.
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Would you eat laundry detergent? Then no, don’t eat these.
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I would not eat the soapy grapes.

I don’t think you’ll be in mortal danger if you try, but it sounds unpleasant and depressing and you’ll probably get a bad stomach ache.
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What? No, you should not eat the grapes that went through the washing machine.

Do you have any bedside lasagna that we also need to discuss?
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Why are these grapes so important that you’d still want to eat them after going through a wash cycle? So, no.
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You'd probably be fine but even if you're on a very limited budget, this seems taking things a bit too far. They aren't going to taste good.
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I eat basically anything, and doubly so if my cat's licked it first, but I would not eat this.
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They are probably also full of all the body and world dirt that came off your clothes. Give these grapes back to the earth. I will PayPal you $5 for some new grapes.
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So these grapes split and absorbed washing water and you want to eat them? That sounds disgusting.
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99% of the time my answer to "should I eat...." questions is yes.

Do not eat this grapes. I don't like wasting food, but come on. No.
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Grapes are kind of notorious for absorbing whatever contaminant chemicals are in the soil and groundwater that they grow in.
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I recently bought a chest freezer at an auction and considered eating the unlabeled food that was inside with no information about its previous storage, I am the queen of eating things others will not. I would not eat this.
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This is a shockingly bad idea. No. Please no.
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GOODNESS I thought everyone would be telling me that I was overreacting! Well I'm glad I asked. I ate a few non-split ones that were still on the stem (tasted fine, grapey and not washing powder-y. No stomach aches so far) but on reading the thread I chucked the rest.
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soap residue can give you diarrhea. This is why you need to rinse dishes with clean water after washing in soapy water (if you handwash dishes)
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It was smart not to eat the split ones, because they probably split due to the liquid they had absorbed.
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