seeking your favorite chill, instrumental-only beat based electronica
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like the title says. I am fully aware of streaming and search tools of course. - More on the insides. : )

I listen to somafm a lot, especially Space Station Soma and some Groove Salad, and this other MeFi post re: Mood Music for work was useful. But am still looking for your fave chill *instrumental-only* electronica artists that still have some beats in 'em. I've used Amazon to find "other artists like what you are looking at", as well as the Prime music service, but I do not use Spotify.

I've listened to some downtempo-y stuff like Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, Bonobo, Boards of Canada in the past - but! - a lot of that has vocal stuff in there which I don't seem to want these days. So, no words or vox please.

Fire away with your faves, MeFi chillaxer worker creative study zonin' bees. Gracias.
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Several good ones on this Weekend in Paris album. I like the Camiel track a lot.
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Maybe too chill, but Kompakt's Pop Ambient collections are great for working.

Looking at a playlist I made a while back, it has Teebs, Mouse on Mars (Autoditacker), Clams Casino, and Tycho (essentially if Campfire Headphase was a band, haha) among others.

Monolake's first couple of albums, if you like dubtech-y stuff.

I realize a single track is of limited utility but Leon Vynehall's "Midnight on Rainbow Road" (beatless or with beats) is a modern classic of ambient house, lol.
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My all-time favourite from this genre is Pop Loops for Breakfast by B. Fleischmann. The only vocals are very heavily distorted in the bonus track right at the end of the CD version (fuzzed-out cover of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia).
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Is instrumental hip hop ‘electronic’ enough for you? It’s all made with extensive use of sequencers and samplers and digital audio workstations... part of why ‘electronic’ is not a very good descriptor, but I digress.

Check out :
And many other related artists that are part of the instrumental/electronic hip hop beat movement.
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Best answer: I can't guarantee it won't ever have any vocals, but the Chillhop youtube channel is worth checking out. They are currently doing a 24/7 stream.
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Moby's album "Ambient" is a masterwork of the genre. It may sound a little dated today, but I have listened to it, in its entirety, hundreds of times over the past few decades. I highly recommend it.
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try Chill Radio
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Ki-Oku by DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo is superb downtempo jazzy electronica.
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animals on wheels "nuvol i cadira" is the best album on ninja tune that no one ever remembers.
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Seconding Ki-Oku!
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Best answer: Oh yeah, links! Links would help:

Mouse on Mars
Clams Casino
Leon Vynehall
Pop Ambient
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Early Aphex Twin is great for this, specifically Selected Ambient Works 85-92.
Also maybe Sven Vath? It's more uptempo (and deeply '90s!) but back in the day Accident in Paradise was a go-to for my busy zoning.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all!
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Best answer: I'm partial to the free standalone, ~60 minute+ mixes, found at

I can't speak for all 50 options, but most are real light on vocals.
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