San Francisco: Dinner for a Group
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Anyone have thoughts about good restaurants that would be good for a crowd and also be reasonable for people driving in?

\I'm trying to coordinate about 10 people (including some small kids) for a Saturday night dinner... Folks will be driving in from Menlo Park/Redwood City and from East Bay (Walnut Creek area). We'd be happy to consider dinner in Berkeley or somewhere if that would facilitate...

I don't know SF that well so am open to suggestions!!
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Ssisso is a Korean restaurant that I quite like in Japantown that can accommodate a group that size (call ahead obviously). The Japantown parking garage is large and not super expensive.
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There's this wonderful little Indian restaurant in Noe Valley called Holy Kitchen; it's delicious, inexpensive, and the restaurant itself is very cozy and clean. They're not usually very busy (I think most of their business is take-out) and they can definitely accommodate a group of this size; my family and I ate there on a couple of different occasions with a group of 10 or so. Parking in the area is decent, though you may have to park a couple of blocks away. You should make a reservation but it's absolutely possible, even day-of. Bonus: Eezy Breezy is just down the street if you like delicious mix-in frozen yogurt for dessert!
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The location isn't really very convenient, but Greens is in Fort Mason, which has a large parking lot. It has beautiful views of the water and the Golden Gate Bridge, good food (all vegetarian), and can accommodate groups.
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Tropisueno might fit the bill? You'll need a reservation, but it's good for groups and there's parking nearby, plus it's close to a BART/MUNI station. Good food, and their chips and salsa are very good.
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It may be tight to get a reservation for a big group but Le P’tit Laurent in Glen Park can handle groups of 12 and has a kids menu. Easy access from 280 and 101, as well as a block from Glen Park Bart.
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