Free meeting scheduler, anything better than Doodle?
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I am trying to schedule a meeting with a core team of high-level leaders (read REALLY busy folk). I don't love Doodle. Is there an alternative application that you recommend? Another group I belong to uses groupmindexpress. Basically, you just say what times you are available each day during a certain time period. It looks like there is a fee though. Anything similar, or easy to use (for the leaders and me) that is free?
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I always liked When is Good because it didn't force you to create all of the time slots yourself. It supports, 15, 30, and 60 min intervals and time zones.
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I will be watching this thread with interest, as I recently had to do a similar exercise. I used FindTime, which is a Microsoft product and has a plugin for Outlook.

The nice thing about it is that attendees can vote on times (including marking a preferred time), and also suggest new times of none of the ones you offered work for them. (Though in that case, you'd need to re-send a new email with the additional time so that all attendees can vote).
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I've used When2Meet successfully a couple of times. Sounds very similar to groupmindexpress but it is free.
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I really like when2meet because I find it easier to select times than doodle and also the heat map it creates with folks' availability is visually easy to understand and use.
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I also like whenisgood, and people I introduce it to often express to me how much they like it too.
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