Where to eat in Osaka?
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We are spending one night in Osaka, in the Umeda area. What are best (not necessarily fanciest) places to eat? We are interested in everything.
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Takoyaki from the stands off of dotonbori bridge in Shinsaibashi is the most Osaka thing I can think of.
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Okonomiyaki with a stunning view of Umeda and beyond from the 29th floor is my winner at night-time.
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If you really want the 'best' place to eat, go on http://tabelog.com/, Japan's version of yelp. There's a Google Translated option.

Takoyaki and okonomiyaki are great staples, esp for osaka, but I'm confident you can do much better than street food if you're looking for the best places to eat. Also, some of the best places (not necessarily fancy or expensive at all) will require reservations. I'm way more versed in where to eat in Tokyo than Osaka so I don't have recommendations other than tabelog
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Nazar has great Turkish food (and an amazing web 1.0 website)
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I'd go to the top floor of the Hankyu Department Store in Umeda. Hankyu is a major commuter railway in Kansai, and Umeda is home to its flagship department store (right above the terminal). It's about ten minutes walk (underground) from JR Umeda.

Department stores in Japan's bigger cities typically have a floor devoted to restaurants. There's a lot of variety, and a range of prices, and you can also see what you're ordering thanks to displays outside each restaurant. A bonus of eating on the restaurant floor is that you'll likely get a good view of town.
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