Need Business Name Help.
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I helped a friend find a job by fixing up her resume, finding appropriate jobs, writing her cover letters and filling out online applications. She told someone and they asked me to help them. Then someone else. And now it's a thing. What should I call this thing?

I'm looking for a name for my business. I charge a monthly retainer that covers four applications a week, so it's not a pay-per application thing. The thing people are most excited about are the cover letters and filling out the god-forsaken online forms. But it's also providing energy for the process. You guys named my web design business side gig a few months ago. I'm in need of another good name for whatever this is I'm doing. Help!

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Lively Hand (you give people a hand finding their livelihood)
Job Valet
Entre d’Oeuvre
Cover Me!
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Best answer: Everything but the Interview
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But maybe not cutesie? Xxxd professional career services. Website etc.
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What type of job industries/positions do you specialize in? For example, "Job Valet", "Entre d’Oeuvre", "Résumaiden" might work well in attracting clients that want entry-level type of jobs but not so much higher-level jobs.
Maybe consider it naming it after your own actual name - that way it sounds personalized and more like a service dedicated to catering to individual needs (rather than a "corporate" type of entity with a generic name that might use cookie-cutter templates for all its clients).
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Apply Once
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Resumé Speed

(This is a hybridized spelling since the actual French has accents over both es, but it is the way I always used to see it, and it would serve here to help people realize it's a pun and you're not talking about driving.)
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Don't worry -- I'll help!
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Resumé Zoom
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Taleo Made
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Best answer: If you have any designs on being found through search, stop: all of these resume names are not suitable because both resume and jobs are ultra search competitive. Differentiate yourself.

The person I know who does this at very high level uses It's a very personal, personalized service you're offering, and there is a lot of brand value in using your name to promote it.

Otherwise, I would be focusing on the word career because everything else sounds like it's for recent grads and gives your business no scope for growth. I'm not a vast fan, but I would point out that .career is a valid, available domain extension. both buildyour and findyour and many other options are available.
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Career Coach
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your help! I'm not trying to be found by search engines, I just wanted a name. I already own my name as a domain, so I may just use that. But I love, "Everything but the Interview."
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