I want to make someone's day in Palm Desert, CA
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I'm looking for personal recommendations for a variety of delivery-based services in the Palm Desert, CA area.

My mom lives in Palm Desert, but I live on the other coast. I would like to make her day by being able to send food, laundry services, a house cleaning, a ride, etc. on occasion, but I don't know what's good there. I would rather work with a local company but if Instacart or something is my best option, I'll take it. I'm looking for reliable...

--wash-and-fold with pickup and delivery?
--grocery delivery?
--dog walkers?
--local taxi? (Lyft covers the area but available rides can be scarce.)
--restaurants that deliver and have an online ordering system? (UberEats seems to work, but I don't like giving money to Uber.)
--same-day and next-day delivery pharmacies?
--house cleaners?

I understand that the usual way you do this is by cracking open the Yellow Pages and calling around, but I'd like to skip the trial-and-error stage by talking to people who have already done that and settled on a favorite.

(I am spoiled by having spent the majority of my adult life in large cities with online delivery apps for pizza, cookies, clean underwear, ibuprofen, etc. but that's not a thing there, plus I've never lived there, so I'm a little lost.)
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Gelsons is the fancy grocery store in Palm Desert. They deliver flowers and gift baskets. $pendy, to be sure but it's one idea anyway!
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