Name of painter who painted in color layers, blue then red then yellow?
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I am trying to remember the name of an artist, a painter known for painting first the blue element of a painting, then the red element, then the yellow. These were translucent oils so light would pass through all the layers then bounce back out as very luminous-looking combined colors.

I think he did a lot of magazine covers, maybe in art nouveau or sort of neo-classical style, around the 1910s or 1920s? One unfinished painting of his just includes the blue element painted in, as a backing for trees, hills, etc. About his method, he said, "It takes a lot more preparation and thought, but the results are worth it." I think he is also famous for juxtaposing the human form against squarish architecture.

Please help, this is driving me crazy!
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Chuck Close?
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Maybe Maxfield Parrish? "He achieved such luminous color through glazing. This process involves applying alternating bright layers of oil color separated by varnish over a base rendering. Parrish usually used a blue and white monochromatic underpainting."
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Indeed, it is Maxfield Parrish. Thank you so much...I was beginning to think I made him up!
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Hannes Bok used the same technique.
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