Recommend me some twitch streamers
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I am late to the game on this one. There seems to be all sorts of cool things happening on twitch. Where do I start?

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Interested in both gaming and non-gaming streams, in a wide variety of genres and games--not just pubg and fortnite. Minimally obnoxious, but it's video games so I know what I'm getting into.
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Best answer: If you like speedrunning, SpeedRunsLive and are good places to browse for streamers. I'm a fan of Ennopp, the top Majora's Mask speedrunner, though he's on paternity leave from streaming right now.
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Best answer: If you're potentially interested in watching actual play rpgs, I'd heartily recommend Geekspace TV. They're a non-profit based out of Seattle that promote inclusivity and diversity in rpgs etc. They have old broadcasts on their youtube channel and a wikia for a bit of background on the characters/shows.
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Best answer: I really like Firebat and Alliestrasza as hearthstone streamers. Hafu is great as well.
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Best answer: Well, most of my Twitch viewing is 'non-gaming' but for speedrunning, GamesDoneQuick puts on frequent shows. Twitch was the home for recent marathons of Cosmos and MisterRogers (don't know when or if they'll return but the channels are still up), and ShoutFactoryTV has its own channel where it marathons various of the content they sell; they've done MST3K, "Classic"FakeWrestling, Japanese Robot Shows and tomorrow they do a 'thon of the animated semi-classic "Home Movies". NASA has its own channel for showing rocket launches, theirs and others (but their latest event was the swearing-in of the new anti-science administrator, sigh).
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Best answer: In the nostalgia category, I played the age of empires games as a small child and there is a surprisingly large twitch following (including a paid Chinese team). The largest streamer is T90.
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Best answer: I don't make an effort to watch Twitch, but it's nice sometimes to kill some time. My two favorite streamers at the moment are AnneMunition and Fairlight Excalibur. They're both similar in many ways: they're full-time, follow-a-schedule streamers; they're relatively calm, level-headed, and low energy with none of the big emotional outbursts that some streamers use to get views; and they both try to play a variety of games.

If you want to see "eSports" without all the video-game cruft, Rocket League is the place to see it.

Keep in mind that by default, Twitch archives a streamers' previous broadcasts for around a month so it's not usually that important that someone be live at the same time that you are.
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Best answer: My favorite streamers at the moment are LoadingReadyRun a group of streamers based in Victoria, BC. They do a pretty wide variety of streams, including various video games, table-top games, Magic: The Gathering, and live-action comedy-type stuff.
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Best answer: Echoing meowzilla on Rocket League, it's just about the perfect game to watch, feels like a real sport and very little prior knowledge of the game is required to understand what's going on. On top of that it's pretty isolated from the darker side of gamer culture, being a sports game and not a "kill everything that moves" game. The world championship is happening soon. On a sidenote if you think youtube comments are bad you better shutdown twitch chat fast, that thing is cancer when viewership get past the 100s.
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Best answer: I like it when I can catch N. K. Jemisin streaming. She doesn't stream often, and doesn't save VODs unfortunately. Her Shadow of the Colossus streams were fun.

I watch Shaun & Jen and HBomberguy steam fairly often. Shaun and HBomb are cis straight white but there's a lot of LGBTQ people and lefty politics in their community and often have guests on the call. Just don't take HBomb's movie opinions seriously. There's some overlap with FoldableHuman and VoidBurger.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. This is all great fodder for me getting my head around twitch and streaming in general. I am particularly chuffed to find out that AoE is still being played (I played a metric ton of that in high school).
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Bit late to the party, but as Twitch has pretty much replaced TV shows as my evening entertainment, here's some more recommendations:

Adam Koebel. Probably my favorite content creating person on the internet. Variety & table top role playing streamer from Canada, plays many different games on his own channel and a lot of Dungeons & Dragons and other RPG systems on other channels (Roll20 and ItmeJP).
Also has weekly write in / call in advice show alternating on running table top RPGs and personal relationships (and these things have more in common than one might initially think). Very diverse and progressive community, that is the exact opposite of everything you would expect from a Twitch audience.

AnneMunition was already mentioned. Variety streamer, mostly plays first person & team based shooters but also a lot of other titles. Very friendly and welcoming community.

BlueJay. Variety streamer, mostly plays RPGs and strategy games. Very wholesome streams and lots of interaction with a lovely community. Also featuerd on 2 of Adam's RPG shows on Roll20 .

ItmeJP. Old school variety streamer and classic nerd. Plays all the big titles when they are out. In addition to that he runs regular table top role playing shows with guests on his channel, that are outstanding (featuring Adam, mentioned above). Also runs a weekly video game news podcast / show (Dropped Frames) with 2 other hosts and guests on Wednesdays.

Alli Speed / FeralWife. Former YouTube vlogger, has been streaming on Twitch for over a year now. More of a chatty stream with a lesser focus on the games, but she's hilarious and her community is amazing.

LittleSiha. Mostly streams Just Dance, but plays other games on her off days. High energy, very fun channel and chat.

CohhCarnage. Variety streamer, plays all the big titles and for running one of the more popular streams on Twitch, his community is amazing.

DistractedElf. Variety streamer from Canada, mostly plays strategy games. Trans lady and avid LARPer, both topics often featured on her streams. Also plays RPGs with Adam and BlueJay (mentioned above).

Sacriel. Variety streamer from the UK, mostly plays shooters (and is very good at them). Very British and good community for a stream of that size and considering the more mechanics / skill focused games he plays.

Day[9]. Former StarCraft professional and eSports person, now mostly plays Hearthstone. Fun and relaxed streams. Chat is subscription only, though.
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