Help my friend find this comic he halfway remembers?
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"I'm searching for a comic/TPB that takes place in a 'Weird West'-type setting. Robots are very commonplace. A woman comes into town and gets deputized by her ex, who's currently the sheriff. She plays Texas Hold 'Em, and there is a detailed description of how the game is played. Her name might be Alice, though I could be making that up."

"I also remember that she is kind of cool and badass in-universe, once people find out who she is. Someone comments that she shot down seventeen cruisers with her rifle alone during the Great Something War, or something like that. At the end of the first arc, I think her ex loses an arm, and she ends up becoming the de facto sheriff of the town."

"Also of note, maybe? This comic was probably published before 2010."
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Are you thinking of Alice Grove? It doesn't fit your time scheme (published from 2014-2017) but otherwise matches what I remember of it.
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Best answer: Daisy Kutter was a woman gunfighter sci-fi wild west comic by Kazu Kibuishi in your time frame.
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Best answer: Daisy Kutter. Definitely.
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