Where do I put my butt?
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Going to a thing that requires many hours of standing around and waiting on concrete floors for several consecutive days. It will be very crowded. What sort of portable chair should I bring?

It should be as lightweight as possible and as comfortable as possible - I understand those two probably are not all that compatible. I'd like to fit it in a backpack if I can, but carrying it by its own strap could work.

A camp chair is too bulky. I'm not interested in a cane with a seat because I don't want to carry a cane. I don't want one of those leaning chairs that is just a stick you rest your bottom on while standing. I've seen a variety of camping stools that look like they might work, so which of these have you placed your own butt on and liked? Or is there some other amazing option I haven't seen on Amazon? I'd love to get higher off the ground if possible.

I'd need this to be very simple to set up too...I'll be sitting, then walk away for a few minutes, then sitting again, so I'd like it to just "pop" open rather than need me to install the pegs into the thingies, etc.

I have time for shipping, and would spend up to 50 USD. Looking to accommodate an adult over 150 lbs but under 200.
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I have a tripod one I got on Amazon that meets your description pretty well. It doesn't weigh much at all and sets up in a snap. I've mostly used it during soccer games and it's comfortable to sit on for hour stretches, no problem. Can't speak to your weight limit as I'm significantly lighter, but if be surprised if that were an issue.
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Seconding the tripod that potrzebie mentioned.
Way more comfortable than it looks.
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This one is essentially the same as what potrzebie suggests, but adds a back for support. Can recommend.
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Same thing with a backrest is also available and looks great. The handle makes it collapse as you pick it up. Looks perfect for your needs. Watch the product video.
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I have a couple of these chairs (Similar in style, not exactly that item) that I use as “guest chairs” at my desk for when someone needs to hang out at my cube for a bit. They’re sturdy and portable, though they don’t come with a strap, and they just fold open. No assembly required.
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I like the Roll-a-Chair from CampTime because it has pretty good back support for a folding camp chair and has four legs for slightly better stability (YMMV). It's really lightweight -- under 3 lbs for the standard model, and the seat height is 19". Here's an Amazon link.

There's a lighter model as well called the "Pack Chair" which I haven't tried. Looks like it has a 16" seat height. More info/dimensions on the various models on their own website: travel chairs and travel stools.

Also if you have an REI nearby, their stores have travel chairs/stools out to try, so you can get a much better idea of if there's anything there that would work for you. They won't mind if you explain what kind of chair you're looking for and if you want to try carrying it around, folding it up, setting it up, sitting down, etc. You could even take your own backpack and see if a folded chair will fit inside or will strap to it easily (let them know you want to do this of course).
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I have had a tripod like the one recommended by potrzebie.
I have used it for nearly 2 decades for camping and more recently things like "taking my child to auditions at which there will be many parents waiting and not enough seats available".
I don't care about the back support as I'm more likely to lean forward on my knees and I prefer the smaller form factor.
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The Helinox Ground Chair is my favourite: packs down to nearly nothing, weighs very little and is quite comfortable - though low to the ground.
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