I would like to spend a month or two teaching English abroad this summer
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I work at a local school as an English tutor, so I'll be off July and most of August. I also work as an online English Tutor for a company based in Taiwan. I have experience working with students of all ages and levels.

Things to consider:
- relatively cheap cost of living (I'll want to keep paying rent on my apartment)
- Spanish speaking country would be great since I'm trying to learn the language
- a place with good internet so I can continue tutoring online

Is this at all realistic?? I'm having a hard time weeding through information online because there is so much about TEFL/TESOL etc. out there.
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What is your visa/nationality status? Obtaining a working visa may not be economical for a potential employer for such as short period of time, especially if you're expecting them to pay for your flight as well.

Do you have any English teaching qualifications?
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Thank you! I didn't think about the visa, so that's a good point.

I have a TEFL Certificate and a year of experience.
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Without knowing your visa/nationality status, it's hard to give specific advice. There are a lot of jobs at summer schools, but from my experience these are generally in English-speaking countries and often require slightly more in the way of qualifications and experience. Some schools abroad do run summer courses, but the teachers are usually existing staff who give up summer holidays to save.

It's not impossible that you'll find a position like this, but my feeling is that it will require a lot of scouring job boards and you may have to be flexible about some of the benefits.
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