Looking for this early-mid 80s purple-tinted industrial music video
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In 1984, Chicago TV's Channel 66 went to a 24-hour music video station. One video they played regularly seemed to show a robotic assembly line for paint cans. The entire 2-3 minute video was purple-tinted and had the coolest industrial music soundtrack. Does anybody remember this, and more importantly, what was this video?

Channel 66 played the same dozen mostly obscure videos over and over, such as Nina Hagen's "New York." I used to watch it for that and this strange purple video described above. It was like no other music I had heard to that point, and completely captured my imagination. The closest thing I could compare it to was the Led Zeppelin instrumental "Bonzo's Montreaux" (especially the phased metallic-sounding part at the end). A decade later I heard the Crash Worship song "Pyru," which was similar to it and sparked my memories. Every year or so for the past 2 decades I've spent a day searching the internet looking for this song/video. Does this spark any memories?
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Might be worth asking on the forums at the Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

They also maintain a YouTube channel but it's kind of hard to search quickly.

Warning: if you grew up in Chicago this rabbit hole will take up your entire afternoon.
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Do you mean Hawaiian Punch? Robot assembly line, check; cans, check; and the music resembles your John Bonham drum solo -- but this is not the music I first associated with this video, that was this one which I first came across in a compilation called "the State of the Art of Computer Animation."
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Thanks for the forum suggestion. I tried registering for the MCCT forums, but after apparently having had my registration denied, I've tried a second time, sending an additional email promising I'm not a bot.

Wow, that music from Hawaiian Punch is really close. The video is definitely not it, though.

I promise to share the answer if I ever find it. Thanks again!
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