What musical is this from?
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Help me identify this (Off-?)Broadway number.

About 12 years or so ago, I was involved in this afterschool drama program. One day, they showed us this video montage of their prior productions, and I distinctly remember one number which they included: it involved all these people on stage, coming forth and enumerating a regret. I remember someone saying "I came this close to [something]" (the championship? finishing my degree?), and things in that general tone. This could be my mistake, but I also recall that the background singers seemed to be singing this sort of "ooooh" melody, and the stage seemed to be drenched in blue light as they did this slow dance of sorts in the background as people stepped forward to enumerate their regret.

What the hell was this? What show was it from? In case this was a show that was only produced locally, I hasten to add that the program was located in Toms River, NJ.
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Sounds like the plot (such as it is) of A Chorus Line.
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Response by poster: I personally doubt that it's Chorus Line - I was a fan of that show even then, and casually recall (I think?) all of the major numbers, though it has been a while. Thanks, though!
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Very possibly it could be Is There Life After High School?, in particular the song
'Second Thoughts'. I've been trying to find a link with an audio clip from that number, to no luck so far. The gist of the song is all of the cast members looking back on particular incidents in high school they regret, and how they would do it differently. I remember that the music is by Craig Carnelia. I did the show back in the late 80's.

I have to leave for the airport, but I'll keep an eye on this thread. If it is still unresolved at the end of the week when I get back home I can dig out my old cast recording and rip an mp3 of that song for you.
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"If I Could've Been" from Working.


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Update: here is a different link from Amazon that has audio clips from that show. The particular clip for Second Thoughts doesn't have the part where the full cast is oohing in the background, but maybe it's enough for you to recognize.

The regrets I remember from the song:
A guy who got in a fight with his best friend, and never apologized.
A girl who froze during her speech when running for student president.
A guy who let himself get continually dunked by the school bully.
A guy who had the chance to lose his virginity but blew it.

Hope this helps.
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Heh. Several of the songs from Working were also written by Crain Carnelia, although not "If I Could've Been". Maybe he got the idea there.

Anyway, I'm done monopolizing this thread.
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Hey, don't apologize Lokheed! Being a musical theatre geek is no crime :-)
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Response by poster: I really, really appreciate the help so far (and am more than a little impressed by the knowlege displayed), but based on the 30-second sample, I'm somewhat dubious that this is it. Firstly, in the excerpt the failures weren't being sung in they are in the 30-second sample here, but being said flatly and kinda solemnly in front of the musical background. Secondly, the sample here is really upbeat, and I recall the song being very poignant and melancholy. Again, thanks so much for the help so far. Perhaps I'm missing something? Any other likely suspects?
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Could you possibly be thinking of a song from Stephen Sondheim's Assassins?
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Or Closer Than Ever? I really want this question to be answered.
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