Minimalist metta meditations?
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Looking for brief, chill, mettabhavana (lovingkindness) meditations. What are your favorites? More inside.

I'm looking for metta meditations that:

* Contain some guidance but not a ton. I find it hard to concentrate on the object of meditation when someone is talking all the time.
* Don't have music. A temple bell at the beginning and end is fine.
* Are no longer than 30 minutes

A good example is Bodhipaksa's mettabhavana meditation on the Insight Timer app. I've used that one for a long time, though, and I need to mix it up.
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I’m not familiar with your reference meditation so this may or may not be a good fit. Free, no music, about eleven minutes long. The first minute or so has more talking as he sets it up. I think you can skip that using the Soundcloud app or on their website. Bonus (for me): a Scottish accent that sets his voice apart from what I hear around me every day.
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The CD that comes with Insight Meditation: A Step-by-step Course has 20 minute meditations with a little guidance and a lot of silence. Lesson 9 is metta meditation.
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