What are the best stories on DailyScienceFiction.com?
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There are some wonderful stories on the site, but I'd like to find more of them. My favorites include: "Miriam and I after the End"."
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(The link to the story above is incomplete. The correct one is here)

I think this Daily Science Fiction story, "It's Good to See You", is pretty good, but then, I wrote it.
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I think all but one of these have been posted in FPPs before, but the ones in my Bookmarks are ...

Sophie Wereley, "Unconventional Advice for the Discerning Reader"
Barry Charman, "Upgrades"
Tanya Breshears, "Cyclical"
Kelly M. Sandoval, "A Heart, An Egg, A Lock of Hair"
Joy Kennedy-O'Neill, "The Moon in Her Doorway"
Marissa Lingen, "The Psittaculturist's Lesson"

Incidentally, I once wrote a script to screenscrape six months of scores on the site. If I wasn't overlooking some easier way to sort them by rating (I hope I wasn't just oblivious), this may help you find more good options. I'd recommend waiting to try until the site is way more responsive than it is tonight though.
#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.012;
use LWP::Simple;

my @months = qw(01 02 03 04 05 06);
my %title;
my %rating;

foreach my $month (@months) {
        my $url = 'http://dailysciencefiction.com/month/stories/2017.' . $month;
        my @stories = grep /" class="storyListTitle/, split /\n/, get $url;
        foreach my $story (@stories) {
                $story =~ /href="(.*?)" class="storyListTitle">(.*?)<\/a>/;
                $title{$1} = $2;

say '<html><head><base href="http://dailysciencefiction.com"></head><body><pre>';
foreach my $url (keys %title) {
        my $story = get 'http://dailysciencefiction.com' . $url;
        $story =~ /<b>(\S+) Rocket Dragons Average/;
        say "$1\t<a href='$url'>$title{$url}</a><br>";
        sleep 1;

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Here's one that that I really liked:
Metal and Flesh by Marie Vibbert

And one that I wrote.
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Charles Payseur reads lots of short fiction online and recommends some in Quick Sip Reviews
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