Non-traditional sliding doors on Ikea Pax wardrobes?
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Just installed a row of 3 giant Ikea Pax wardrobes. Now they need doors! The problem is that the Pax sliding doors come in pairs, and aren't designed to allow you to hang three of them in a row. Any solutions?

Sliding doors would work better than doors that open outwards, as our sofa will be fairly close to the first two cabinets.

This person managed to hang 3 sliding doors in a row but didn't explain how.

How do we make a long enough rail for three sliding doors?

Other possibly relevant snowflake details:
Spatially, we could manage with a pair of sliding doors on the first two cabinets, and then the third door could be a pair of narrow open-outwards doors... except none of the finishes of the open-doors match the finishes of the sliding-doors, so it would look weird.

We also added a 4th cabinet further along the wall- this one is shallower (like 30cm instead of 60 or whatever- basically it's a Billy bookcase). I'd love to put outwards-opening doors on the bottom half of that one too, and have the finishes all kind of match.

So the order of the cabinets would be -
1. Big cabinet with sliding door
2. Big cabinet with sliding door
3. Big cabinet with with either sliding door OR narrow regular doors that open outwards
4. Bookshelf with narrow half-doors on the bottom half, and open shelves on the top half.

I'm open to getting mismatched doors, and then doing something crafty to all the doors to "force" them to match- like painting or putting fabric on them. But I'm just not sure what to do.

Any ideas?
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you might want to posit this to ikea hackers, but to start here's some nudges.
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The tracks appear to be open-ended so I suspect that they just cut one track to slightly less than half-length, remove the bumper near the now-middle of the track, and abut them. This is why one commenter remarks that there is a bump as the wheel goes from one track to the next. You'd also have to drill new holes in one cabinet or track to get the track attached.

I think if the bump was really noticeable, it could be possible to clamp the two tracks straight and level, and fill the join with moldable epoxy putty.
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