Party deals in Chicago?
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Any Chicagoans know any good birthday package deals at bars/clubs?

I'm turning 21 this weekend and would like to rent out a bar or club. I don't really know where to begin looking. Anyone in Chicago in-the-know about this kind of thing or have any suggestions?
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Chicago is a huge place, with a huuuuge variety of types of bars.. ranging from the wrigleyville kind of "overgrown frat boy" crowd (not to be insulting, I just can't think of a more accurate way to describe it) to the goth/industrial crowds of Exit or Neo to a dance club to the uber swanky rich-folk places, to the piano bars.. well you get the idea...

It's important that you specify what sort of place you want to go... Are you more interested in a pub type place? A sports bar? A place where you can shoot pool and have conversation? Or more of a dance club? A wine bar?

To be totally honest, I don't know much about party pricing at any of them so I may not be of much help - I'm just trying to help you get a better answer to your question.. you should definitely specify what kind of place you're looking for... Happy birthday!!
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Where do you live? If the answer is not "Chicago," then where will you be staying in Chicago afterwards? Nobody has good "deals" on these things, they could care less if it's your birthday. All they want to know is how many people you will have, what drink special you want, and they'll tell you how much it will cost per head. They just want to make money, and they're willing to rent you a room if you provide enough cover charges.
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I know a lot of places have some kind of "$ per person/open bar for so many hours" deal, charging more for liquor than beer and wine. I think it's generally at least $20-ish a person.

Sorry I don't have more details. I would start by calling your favorite bar (um, or, since you're just turning 21 and I'm sure you've never been in a bar before, one you'd like to go to) and see if they have a deal. I would bet that most bars would be willing to work something out.

Or just get a bunch of people and take over. A friend had a birthday on the 25-cent beer night a lot of his friends went to anyway, and the group ended up taking over the back room of the bar. It was unplanned but worked well.
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Best answer: Forget looking for a "special". What I did on my 30th birthday was invite a bunch of people to a bar in the W hotel in the loop. They have cool hidden alcoves with vaulted ceilings that can fit a lot of people and a bartender is there from a certain time. It was like a free party room. Of course, my taste may be different than yours, but you get the idea? The nice thing about this is you can invite under 21 yo's becuase it isn't really a bar per say, but a hotel lobby.
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I agree with forgetting about looking for any kind of 'specials.' Especially if you want to rent out a bar or club? I would assume they need slightly more notice than 5 or so days. Ask around, or surf the web and look for bars that interest you, go out, and have a good time.
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