Help me find this stoic advice for depression
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A while ago, I ran across an article about a Japanese (I think) man who approached depression from a sort of Stoic angle. The thing I remember was his focus on the outer world rather than the inner: his main question was something like "what has to be done?" or "what needs to happen?, meaning what things need to happen in your day, and focusing on the process of doing rather than on introspection. I know this is pretty vague. Any help is appreciated!
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I would think it would have been something related to Constructive Living by David Reynolds?. His whole premise is about acknowledging your feelings, identifying the next most constructive action, and doing that.
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Stoicism and the Art of Happiness:
Seneca, for example, describes these as the respective virtues of 'foreseeing what has to be done', 'dispensing what has to be given', 'curbing fears' and 'checking desires'
(Letters 120, #11)
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Iā€™m pretty sure you are thinking of Shoma Morita. David K. Reynolds is generally considered to be a follower of Morita and has written popuar books about Morita therapy.
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Thanks everyone! It was indeed David Reynolds and Shoma Marita. Much appreciated.
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