Wasn’t there a change to the law making an old school essay correct?
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I have this clear recollection of reading a story (maybe even on the Blue!) about a man (in the US?) who lobbied to change a law for years, and when the change was passed, he was able to get a decade(s?) old school essay regraded because it was factual under the new law. But where is this story?
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Sounds like the story behind the 27th Amendment
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Gregory Watson FPP and recent comment. The latter is where I learned of the story, despite the fact I was at UT at roughly the same time as Watson.
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Less than 10 minutes for the answer, less than an hour for the matching FPP. Brilliant!
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Strictly speaking, the old school essay always was correct. Watson was right all along; had he not been, his efforts to prove himself so would have come to nothing.
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