Websites with paint colors and names
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Websites with pictures and the names of the paint colors used in exteriors

My sweetie and I are planning on painting the outside of our house and we're having trouble finding inspiration. Can you help us find websites with photos of house colors? Most of what we've found so far are sites featuring fairly generic gray/taupe/white combinations and we want bold, bright examples. It'd be extra helpful if the site(s) can specify the paint colors shown. If you're trying to picture the house, pretend it's a classic Seattle craftsman.

Here's what we've looked at so far (and has not helpful, at least the content that we found):

--Houzz: lots and lots of pictures but consistently conservative (lots of beige and gray) or styles that simply aren't our house (gables or colonial style, or those boxy modern looks). We've tried many variations of searches and our results might have one or two interesting looks but generally seems to be things that aren't our style.

--Pinterest: again, lots of pictures, but most of the links are out of date and maybe I'm just not finding the right keywords but a lot of fairly conservative looks.

--Paint company websites: generally overwhelming, just tons of different colors but few pictures. The pictures of painted houses they do have tend to be certain historical looks or

--We have driven around neighborhoods and found that some colors we like but we don't know the names.

--We have gone in person to paint stores and talked to color consultants but they haven't been very helpful.
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We have driven around neighborhoods and found that some colors we like but we don't know the names.

Did you take pictures? Looks like Sherwin-Williams has a color-matching app.
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I don’t think you’re going to find that information anywhere except on the websites of specific paint companies. Paint colors are unique to their brands, they’re not universal—the same shade from Sherwin-Williams will have a different name than Behr. Unless I am totally misunderstanding your question.

Behr’s got a good color-picking widget on their site that lets you choose colors and see what they’d look like in a room or on an exterior. You could then go into the store and pick up paint chips, then look for similar colors in other brands. But there’s no way to just figure out a specific paint color just by looking. Colors don’t even retain their names from year to year—I still have my paint chips from 8 years ago from when I painted the interior of my house, and two of the colors in my palette have changed names since then. Same brand, same shades, different names.
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clark-kensington and valspar.

You can buy a small tester can to try out, because the color never looks the same as it does on those small swatches. They will credit you for the tester when you buy the paint.

If you have a chip of the actual paint, Home Depot and, probably other paint stores, have a color sensing machine that gets pretty close.
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If you don't mind walking up to the actual houses you like, you can use this pocket-sized color sensor. It's only $50. I have one, it works well.

It will give you the hexadecimal color value, and will point you to the stock number and color name for a wide variety of paint manufacturers.

You have to touch the painted surface with the device though, so it's not going to be a drive-by solution.
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You can do this in reverse by googling the names/numbers of specific paint colors. That’s how I chose my exterior paint. I had a general idea that I liked dark blue or blue-green houses so googled the Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams chips that looked like likely candidates, and found lots of houses painted in those colors.
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