Recommend me some D&D 5e streams/podcasts?
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I enjoyed Critical Role, the 5e episodes from How We Roll, and I’m enjoying High Rollers so far, but I’d like to put more in my queue. Unfortunately, I seem to bounce off of a lot of streams because they either have pretty awful sound quality (Dice, Camera, Action), or the people at the table are really unfocused (The Adventure Zone, Force Grey). Any suggestions? Bonus points for having at least one woman at the table.
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(I wrote this answer before noticing you asked specifically about 5e. My suggestion of the GCP is Pathfinder, so it may not work if you specifically want 5e, but it’s branched from the original D&D in terms of the kind of fantasy world it is.)

No women in the original, but The Glass Cannon Podcast has great sound quality, great focus, and skilled role-play. Also, there are more podcasts in their lineup now and I think there may be a woman too.

If you only listened to, say, the first five episodes of The Adventure Zone, I’d encourage you to stick it out a little longer. If you want, I may be able to pick out a later episode to show you how good it gets.
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Godsfall should tick all your boxes. Heavy focus on story and roleplay, over mechanics. Discussion of gender and gaming in ep. 3*, strong LQBTQ+ representation, DM/producer puts like 40 hours of editing into each ep and gets successively better audio equipment as it progresses, and by current eps, I think half the party are played by women. Custom 5e world.

*First 5-6 episodes are individual character intros, the party coming together/main adventure starts around ep 6.
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There’s one I’ve listened to a bunch called BomBARDed, which is pretty good. I like it cause it has good sound quality. I don’t know exactly what generation/game they’re playing.
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Join the Party is my favourite, and I think it would fit your requirements. One of the three party members is a woman, and it's really queer- and feminist-friendly. Amazing sound quality, great editing (rules checking & all that stuff gets trimmed out). They even go so far as to add a soundtrack — it's quite the production!
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