Keeping chaos away from my spices
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Does anybody make a spill-resistant masala dabba?

I use a masala dabba for frequently-used spices. Unfortunately, it's gotten knocked over once or twice with expectedly messy results. Does anybody make a masala dabba with an inner lid that presses securely on the inner containers so they don't spill if it gets knocked over with the lid on?
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Would this version from amazon work? I just searched for "dabba with (individual) lids"
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Indian here. Everyone I know - including me - keeps theirs in a drawer, out of the way. Also, it should come with enough containers to fill the interior, so they actually cannot be knocked over.

You don't want individual lids, since you need to have quick access to spices when cooking.

I think you would need to fill your dabba with more containers and store it in a drawer next to the stove. Cover it with its lid when not in use, if you wish.
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Response by poster: For clarity, the dabba is usually full; I removed two of the cups to take the picture. Keeping it in a drawer wouldn't address the problem of knocking it over because I'd have to take it out of the drawer to use it, which is when it got knocked over.

Individual lids would unfortunately work against the convenience of being able to easily dip a spoon into the various spices. If there's a dabba with an inside lid that presses against the rims of the cups, that would be ideal.
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A little outside the box, but what if you got a large piece of foam (or something similar) thick enough that it is close to the height of the individual cups, but slightly shorter. Cut the foam out so it fits inside the dubba, then cut out the spaces where the cups fit.

Although maybe there isn't enough space in there even for this, but it seems like it would be a way to prevent spills without needing to use individual lids.
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Yeah, individual lids would defeat the purpose of the masala dabba. I have a masala dabba because I usually need to use 4-5 of the things for every recipe, and I only need to open one lid and be like whoomp whoomp whoomp with the spoons, done.

IDK, Lexica, except this: the spilled mixed spices don't have to go to waste, make a sambhar or kootu or something which will use up that mixture. Chutneys are also an idea since you have urad and other dals mixed in there. Hit me up if you want a recipe for gourd skin chutney, made it last night, YUMMM.
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We have this one at home (not pictured, but that white lid is an inner lid and then there is also an outer translucent lid with plastic clips. I've never fully tried turning/dropping it, but it seems like there's a good chance that the inner lid would keep things separate. If you're interested in that one, I'd be happy to run a few gentle experiments to test it a little more.
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This is another link that shows the lid setup more clearly.
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