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I've have a Yahoo account which I use as a secondary email for online shopping, random news sites like certain politicians or quiz games. It's basically non-personal stuff and no messaging.

Yesterday I opened it up and there's a huge display of how Yahoo is now part of some new group and here's the new terms/conditions to sign. I chose the "sign later" option.

What I want to do is acquire a new email account to use this way but don't know how to find a nice quiet company that is free and without frills. And then I can little by little migrate certain accounts over to the new email. Can you suggest something? I have Thunderbird and Gmail as my personal account. Many thanks.
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Just get a second Gmail account. You can be signed into two accounts at once-- from, just click your little circular photo/icon in the upper right hand corner to switch. Super simple.
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I have several gmail accounts for this purpose.
posted by quince at 3:08 PM on April 16, 2018 is mostly unannoying. It also allows for alias accounts all filtered back to the main inbox one so you can have one for shopping, one for quizzes, etc.
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Protonmail is free if you delete things occasionally.
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I have a hotmail account I've used for ages for this and the 'sweep' and whitelist features make it pretty chill.
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Thanks, all. I think I'll give a try. I understand I could set up another gmail account but I'd really like to have a totally separate account, you know, not put all eggs in one basket.
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