Rome. Traditional sports. Am I not entertained?
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My wife and I will be spending a week in Rome in early May, and would like to attend a smallish-scale, local spectator sport. We aren’t sports fans, but we do enjoy the experience of being amid a community of enthusiasts, cheering on something we only vaguely understand. Scale-wise, maybe on the order of a single-A baseball game? Examples of previous wins: a high school rodeo on Molokai, course camarguaise bullfighting and joute nautique in France. So. Rome, May 2018… is there a regional tamburello championship? An obscure suburban palio? Intense bocce?

I know football is the absolute thing, and that the Italian Open will be going on, but that is not what I'm after here.

Alternately, if you are Rome-savvy, is there an events/entertainment calendar that you refer to for local happenings, sporting or otherwise? I’ve yet to find anything that seems like a go-to guide to smaller venues, neighborhood festivals and whatnot.
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Ludosport (lightsaber training/tournaments) originated in Italy and usually offer a free trial session!
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Well, in the end we had a lovely time, but attended no sporting events or festivals. Rome, it turns out, has enough to offer the first-time visitor that we didn't feel the lack of panem et circenses.

To answer my own alternate question for the benefit of future travelers, the best potted event-listing that I found was the An American in Rome blog. She posts monthly event rollups like this one. Unfortunately she tends to post them on the first of the month to which they apply—June events posted on June 1—so not terribly helpful for advance planning.
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