What's the best way to use Jira Service Desk and Jira Projects?
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I'm on a project that has one client, I didn't realize we were using "Service Desk" which explains why the board and settings were foreign to me. The client will e-mail us both random enhancements and faults. What's the best way to use the software project feature of Jira and service desk?

Keep in mind this is one client. We use service desk exclusively. We get the following:

- Site down, something not behaving as it should, actual bugs
- Enhancement requests
- Horribly named tickets and descriptions that require us wading through comments to figure out what we need to do

According to Google it appears the best way is to link the ticket through a variety of workflows, then we can groom the ticket requests, create new tickets linking to these and have them with sensible description.

I want to also be able to add high priority tickets to the current sprint, and take items out if need be. If the site has a major error, it needs to be taken out of the sprint. Now either Service Desk is set up wrong but our boards are not normal and I don't get the sprint rollup or a warning I'm adding things to a sprint.

What's the best way to do this? I would also say 99% of service desk tickets are development related, so there's very little questions about configuration, which would make more sense to take care of them in the service desk itself.

Added detail: usually our development lifecycle is meeting with the client figuring out the ticket, creating a sprint and putting the ticket they created via email right into the sprint. Sometimes our estimates are off, so if we get done early, we simply take a new service desk request and put it in the sprint. Sometimes a production issue takes resources away from the sprint and we simply need to take items out.
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We are literally just starting to use Service Desk in my team, and I’m just a user with no insight into administering Jira - but we have a very large community of non-technical users raising tickets, and we use a web form (also part of Jira) to enforce somewhat sensible tickets.

This starts with a top level categorisation, with different forms entirely for different types of request, then various mandatory fields with helpful tooltips I wrote specifically for our users needs.
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I should add that we’re a web content team and we don’t work in sprints, so no help there I’m afraid.
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I use JIRA at work and we have several projects, including one Service Desk. What we do is convert Service Desk tickets to software project tickets, once we identify that those tickets require dev changes, rather than issues handled outside the dev team. I think you could do the same for tickets that you want to add to your sprints — funnel the tickets into that project after they've gone through grooming, editing, etc. You should be able to do this with the "Move" action when editing a ticket.

You could also choose to convert the tickets early (when they're first written up), move them into the backlog, and continue refining until they're ready to be added to a sprint.

Atlassian documentation (this is for the Server edition but applies to JIRA Cloud, too)
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Yeah, Service Desk really needs to be for breakfix IT and Support teams. It’s not appropriate for dev teams. So if an issue is entered there (which is nice because you can mandate more detail from an external user via the portal), you need to move it to another project. This will screw up SLAs, though, so if you’re comcerned about those, the appropriate action is to create a dev ticket and link it to the service desk ticket.

If you create a new project using the Scrum template, you can use that for your sprint planning, and you’ll get the warnings about scope change when you add items to the sprint. Service Desk won’t support that, since it isn’t intended for development work.
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