Seeking creative hairstylist in Philadelphia
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I'm looking for a needle in a haystack - the exact stylist I went to in the early 2000s in Philadelphia (Northern Liberties). If you know of another great hairstylist in Philadelphia, I want to know that too!

Probably in 2005 or 2006 I went to a hair salon in Philadelphia that was located in Northern Liberties (not too far from the train station, maybe 2nd street?). The stylist was a white woman, probably in her 30s at that time, possibly had dark hair? I feel like her name was something like Jessie or Danielle, but am not sure at all. She definitely did frequent editorial work for magazines and was hard to book as a result. Her haircuts were literal magic - like many great hairstylists she actually looked at my face and head, intuitively understood my hair texture, and just cut to make it all look good. I cannot describe the style, probably some layers and stuff since it was mid-2000s but looking at photos from the time it does not look dated, just like great hair. I have wavy/curly hair and wear it natural (I won't blow out my hair or overly style it on a daily basis, I can handle product).

The salon was industrial/hipstery, but not overly designed. Maybe a concrete floor, exposed beams and some band posters. Maybe a record player. More on the minimalist end. There were some other stylists there, at least one was a man. My memory is obviously fuzzy on all this so I could be wrong about everything (except the time period and Northern Liberties). Does anyone know this magic salon and stylist?

If not, any recommendations for a creative and great hair stylists in Philadelphia? My mediocre haircuts have been making me look like a newscaster - and that seems to be kind of the thing here. I probably look fairly boring (and not young) when I walk into a salon, hence the terrible cuts. I need someone who is a bit more creative and will actively look at my hair and make it look a bit more edgy.

I've tried Crimson Hair Studio and Mockingbird. Crimson was awful and Mockingbird was OK, but a little closer. I've heard American Mortals is good?
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Could it have been Ovations on Orianna Street? My perception of their interior doesn't match your memory - it's pretty minimalist but not hipstery at all. But, I used to go there in the late 90s/early 2000s and really liked the stylists there (coolest up-do of my life from them). I don't know who your mystery stylist is, but you could give them a call and see if you're in their client records.
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This is definitely not the answer to your memory question, but I get my hair cut by Josh at the Jason Matthew salon, and he is great. The salon itself has pretty serious fancy lady Rittenhouse vibes, and I wouldn't necessarily trust anyone else there, but Josh does a great job with my structured short cut.

The other person who has been recommended to me is Emily Costello. I haven't gotten a haircut from them, but their work seems amazing.
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I'm sorry, the salon doesn't ring a bell, but for general recommendations I can't say enough good stuff about Marina at Beehive Hair Salon. She gave me an amazing undercut years ago and kept it up. My hair is pretty thin and sad, and she not only cut it so it looked amazing, but took the time to teach me what the hell I had to do with it to keep it looking amazing. She's very no-nonsense, and I adored going to her. I did go with a couple photos and a fairly clear idea of what I wanted, but I expect that with even a vague "I want it short/long/like this" she could work magic.
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Maybe Danielle Carr? She's done tv and magazine editorials, and is known locally for really intuitive haircuts. I don't know how long she has owned that particular salon but it is on 2nd.
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If you can't find your person, Mary at Deluxe at 2209 South Street makes me look and feel amazing.
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Was it Plume Salon? near the Girard el stop.
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It might have been "Red".

But, if not, you should check out Katie at Mirror & Mantel. I followed her around for 6-7 years until she opened this salon herself!
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