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Took a bag of spinach out of the freezer to defrost in preparation for using it in quiche. It was left on the counter overnight. When I woke I put it in the fridge. Is it usable?

I got sick and didn't get a chance to put it in the fridge. It was out at room temperature slowly defrosting all night. Moved to the fridge at 6:30am. I am only planning to use it in a quiche which will obviously be heated. Can we eat it?
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I would use that in a quiche with zero hesitation!
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I would eat this.
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Yep. Eat it.
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Totes useable for quiche, just don’t refreeze the spinach.
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Would and have done this with zero ill effects.
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Just do not re-freeze. it is fine to eat. Use it soon.
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To add a bit of color: many grocery stores display spinach in unrefrigerated cases all day long. Often, it gets moved into refrigerated storage overnight, but that's to improve shelf life, not to reduce foodborne illness.
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Admittedly I'll eat most borderline things, but I wouldn't begin to have a second thought there unless someone had some serious slamdunk science against.

This is not legal advice and I am not a medical professional nor your meals-on-wheels lady.
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