How much do coaches get paid?
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I was watching a woman basketball college game on TV and I started wondering what the coaches make for salaries. Not only the coaches but also the numerous assistant coaches who are sitting there on the bench. I would be curious to get a ball park figure about this subject. Does anyone know where this information is available, not only for basketball, but for football also.
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This article mentions what a few coaches earn.
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It is common knowledge here that Joe Paterno makes close to what President Spanier makes at Penn State, around 500k. Can't find any websites to back it up, but judging by the amount he donates to the University and other charities, this seems about accurate.
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Actually, here at ISU I think the basketball coach was making more then the president, almost 7 figures.
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Women's Basketball Coaches Association survey (PDF) mentions salaries, bonuses and perquisites, like country club memberships and cars, for both men's and women's programs. The graduate assistants
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Pat Summitt, head women's basketball coach at Tennessee, makes $824,500 a year base salary. To put that in perspective, she is probably the highest paid women's coach by a few hundred thousand, yet she is only the third highest paid coach at Tennessee.
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University of Iowa's head coach, Lisa Bluder, made $370,055.71 in FY '04.

Assistant coach Jennifer Fitzgerald made $88,535.79.

The rest of the coaching staff wasn't around in '04, which is the last year the DMR has numbers for.

Compare this to $946,175.00 for men's head coach, steve Alford and assitant, Greg Lansing, $103,143.04.

Governor Vilsack made $107,482.00.
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Geno Auriemma, who has led the UConn women’s team to five national titles, saw his base annual salary rise from $665,000 to $825,000, making him the best-paid women’s coach in college basketball, $500 more than legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt.
Also - Jim Calhoun, UConn’s hugely successful men’s basketball coach, got a raise earlier this year. Calhoun’s base pay went from $936,000 a year to $1.4 million, making him the highest paid coach in the Big East Conference.
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Pat Summitt is legendary because she's won more games than any coach in the history of college basketball, and won more NCAA titles--six--than any other women's coach. She's won 83% of all of the game she's coached, and 83% of her NCAA tournament games. They named the court after her when she won her 880th game to pass Dean Smith for the career wins record.
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