Best blendable markers for kids
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I know a soon-to-be ten-year-old who loves to draw. She gets frustrated when lighter colored markers don't blend well--you can see where the distinct strokes overlap. Are there markers you recommend for a kid that are more blendable?

She loves drawing people (and Undertale fanart) so it would be great if the markers came in a range of colors. She's using Crayola and Mr. Sketch right now; I'm willing to spring for more expensive markers for a birthday present.

If the secret is technique rather than the tool, tips/videos/reading material are also welcome.
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Hmm..maybe something like these watercolor brush pens?
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It may be technique as well as type of paper. Colouring with small circles on markers that have a chisel tip may help. Smooth marker paper or cardstock may also help. I can give a more detailed answer once I get home :)
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Copic markers are the hot thing for blending. I bought a set of 6 for my teen who is into drawing.
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I know that blendability can be more of a priority for artist's markers. They're in a different price range, but they can be found at craft stores in addition to art supply stores if that's alright.
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Yep, Copics. My arty teen has them too. Unfortunately, they're not cheap.
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Uhuhu markers are like copics as far as blendability, but they're way cheaper. I got them and they're pretty good!
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And thicker paper is also good.
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Copics are hella expensive BUT they are refillable and the nibs are replaceable. Because you can blend, you can get a smaller array than you normally would plus a few extra blenders. So that offsets some of the cost.
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If you go to a decent art supply store, they generally allow you to test markers.
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Any alcohol based markers should work, copic is the super high-end one, but there are tons of cheaper options. Prismacolor is a decent brand. I have a case of Spectrum Noir someone gave me that work fine and blend smoothly.

You can mix and match sets too, so if you find a decent priced set you can still throw in a few copics. Some stores only sell the expensive brands in singles and it's useful for the colours you tend to run through faster, as well as the clear blenders.
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Nthing 'clear blending markers'...there's a bunch of videos on how to use (and clean) them on youtube. Look for a brand that's double-ended (wide and pointy).
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If Copic is out of the price range, I love my Spectrum Noir markers. Double tipped, refillable, replaceable nibs, and you can get sets for a decent price.
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Copics are so nice! I only have a tiny handful, but I enjoy them the most out of all my art supplies. I think starting her off with a 6 pack that includes a blending marker would be just fine (you can get small themed sets, like grey-scale or seashore, or variety sets, like primaries or pastels). Their drawing pens are really wonderful to use too.
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+1 Copics. If price is an issue, people often sell bundles on eBay, like tech drawing students who don’t need them after that semester.

There’s also cheaper line of copics that don’t refill.

Copics blend beautifully on plain old copying paper but they go through so have something underneath. If the thing underneath isn’t absorbent, the ink will kinda sit on top for a bit for even more blending time.

Copics and other alcohol based inks fade in daylight really quick so if kid does something you want to preserve, keep it out of light and/or take a photo of it.
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