How to spend a couple of summer evenings in Harrisburg, PA?
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So, husband has a work conference in Harrisburg, PA over July18-20. The thing is, July 19 is our anniversary so I wanna go too! Looking for some fun ways to spend the afternoons/evenings from about 5:00 on, from locals or anyone familiar with the area!

We're especially looking for:
*Delicious and interesting local restaurants, possibly coffee shops, and craft pubs/breweries
*Local shopping (bookstores in particular)
*Outdoor venues, especially on the river!
*Really any interesting sightseeing; we don't mind being touristy!

We will have a vehicle, and are staying (I believe) at the Radisson, if that helps! Thank you so much for any suggestions!
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They have a really nice minor league baseball park on the city-owned island in the middle of the river. If it's a nice night, it's just a glorious way to spend a chill few hours outside.
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Unfortunately, after a day game on the 18th, the Senators are out of town the 19th and 20th.
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I visit Harrisburg occasionally and I've liked the Millworks, which includes a beer garden, restaurant, and open-house artist studios you can walk through. Nearby is the charming Midtown Scholar bookstore.
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We've done an anniversary dinner at Bube's Brewery before. It's about 45 minutes out of Harrisburg, but we made the trip over from Lancaster, so I'd consider it worth it.
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For a special dinner, consider Char's, which is located in the former Tracey Mansion next to the Susquehanna River.
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Did a quick tour through Harrisburg - seconding Millworks. But also, if you like beer, stop by Zero Day Brewery.
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Ooooh, oooh! If you are fans of Mexican food, you must eat at Tres Hermanos. It's a hole-in-the-wall, but the food is SO GOOD. It's down the road from Appalachian Brewing Company. Midtown Scholar is a must. If the Soul Burrito truck is in town, go for a quick bite. Susquehanna Art Museum? Keep an eye on this cultural calendar and this one from the local public radio station.
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Tröeg’s Brewery is awesome if you don’t mind the short drive to Hershey.

I’ll ask some coworkers who frequent Hershey more often than me for more recommendations.
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In the summer Zero Day often does parking lot showings of movies. You can drink your beer there.

The Kitchen at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center is super awesome. They do a nice brunch.

If yellow bird cafe is around they had the best coffee. (right new midtown scholar)

The 3rd Friday of every month is 3rd in the Burg and there's all kind of special things.

And if you like a fancy fun Parisian style place, Rubicon has you covered. One of my absolute favorite places for a drink or drink and a meal.this would be great for an anniversary dinner but I'd call ahead for a reservation. They should have out door seats of it's not sweltering.

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ALSO Little Amps coffee. They have a couple locations. They were fairly new before I left town but seem to be doing a bang up job. Very hipster but just lovely people who aren't snobby at all and will be happy to help you pick coffee. It's roasted right in Harrisburg.

Their signature summer thing is cold brew in glass jars. I've known of people who will get several large jars to take back home a few hours a way. It's that good.

They have yummy treats as well.
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